Coati Mundial

Coatis, or coatimundis, can be found from the southwestern United States to Brazil. They are seen among the saguaro cacti in Arizona; on the white sand beaches of the Riviera Maya in Mexico; bouncing among the ruins of Tikal in Guatemala; and in the lush mountains surrounding Medellin, Colombia.

Coati of Many Colors

They come in different colors - grey, brown, red and blonde, with a little black and white thrown in and sometimes black and white rings on their tails. They are known by many names - "quash" in Belize, "quati" in Brazil, "tejon" in Mexico, and "Pizote" in Costa Rica, to name a few.

Mischief on Tap

Coatimundis possess a mischievous and playful nature, often seen investigating anything that piques their interest with an air of adventurous determination, exploring their surroundings with an almost childlike curiosity. Their antics offer a captivating glimpse into the spirited and mischievous essence of these enchanting creatures.